During the interaction with FinisAevum we "found" a dead drop that allows to trigger a failsafe programmed by Alexander Clark

All primary and two secondary confirmations have been performed so far, but the current consensus is to wait until we’re at least on-boarded before activating it in order to potentially find out what it does and learn what is going on in the AC as best as we can.

Record ID:


leads to the actual status

Failsafe Triggered

Record ID: FSP

Last Update: Oct. 1, 2020, 6:19 p.m.

Filed by: ???

Warning: FSP Triggered.

Awaiting Secondary Confirmations:

#400359 - Physical Confirmation of BLUE PAPER with "TRIGGER FAILSAFE PROTOCOL".
@AeternusCenter - Electronic Confirmation of 16 second video with "TRIGGER FAILSAFE PROTOCOL".

Completed Confirmations:

4 Primary Triggers
FSPInit@ - Digital Confirmation of 256x256 image of "TRIGGER FAILSAFE PROTOCOL".
0422 - Verbal Confirmation of "TRIGGER FAILSAFE PROTOCOL".

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