After the solve of EBs journal we got a reply from Oakley:

I see Elliot's spelling and grammar haven't improved. The key is presumably EXPLORETHELIMITS. This probably is the key to an old Bifurcus black box that has been kept at a PLACEBOS warehouse. Unfortunately I won't be able to access it until early December, though as long as Alexander is kept in the dark about the discovery of the key to it, there shouldn't be any issue accessing it. Thank you for all the help.
As for Elliot's ramblings, they relate to a secret central to PLACEBOS. Tell me what that secret is. While not all the pieces are out there, there are enough to discover what secrets lie in our hands. I find looking at /faces to be helpful.


the /faces hint let us find

with more cards

which finally helped us to solve the cards puzzle

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