Epsilon Chess

We recieved a new email from Cole Johnson:

Phase 1 Recruits,

At the moment we're still waiting on the Precursor and Oracle challenges.

Some updates on previous projects:

η - Some initial artifacts have been recovered from the site, and will be shipped back to one of our labs soon.
γ - New evidence has arisen that there may be other involved individuals, though no concrete progress has been made.
ɛ - We've received another set of images, available at record ID EPSILONIMAGESCHESS.

The Center will be busy today with more lunar research, so may be slow to respond. As part of those experiments, it would be valuable to get additional data points. > If possible, please send a picture of the moon taken this week along with the rough coordinates the image was taken (rounded to the nearest degree). Hopefully the additional visual data points can help us track down some issues we've been having.

Leading to mainly two tasks
1. moon picture with coordinates
2. the new puzzle at EPSILONIMAGESCHESS

ɛ Images: Chess


Last Update: Nov. 30, 2020, 9 a.m.

Filed by: cjohnson



replacing the pieces with the following letters:
King = "K"
Rook = "R"
Knight = N"

we got the following basic outline:


filling in the letters from the latest image in a way that the top letters go into the top triangle, the left in the left triangle and so on reveals:


and the solution

I seek asylum from the Seekers of True Enlightenment, will you provide safety

We do not know who is the sender of the message.

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