End Of Phase 1

Since Cole seems to be the latest victim of the second Game of Death it seem Tim Malor is now responsible for communicating with the recruits. He sent out this email:


Due to recent events and losses at the Aeternus Center and an organizational restructuring, recruitment operations here at Aeternus Center have been suspended. We thank you for your participation in this phase of recruitment. Over the next few months, the organization will be reorganizing and forming a task force following recent discoveries.

For archival purposes, we've added a new 'Recruitment' tab to the https://aeternus.center/ website with links to some of the data that recruits received over Phase 1 of recruitment, along with instructions on how to be kept aware of future developments.

Happy Holidays,

(This will be the final message sent to interested recruits and contact information will be purged, future developments will only be sent to those who submit the PROGENITORS message via the contact form.)

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