Encode Decompileddragons

After sending the passphrase DECOMPILEDRAGONS from the magus file we got the following answer from magus:

Impressive work. What's your interest in Aeternus and the Tower? Your skills could be of great use to get the Tower functioning in a less cryptic way

Again after answering the question in a menaingful manner, we got this reply:

At the moment, we're trying to figure out how to improve communications with The Tower. Can you provide DECOMPILEDRAGONS encoded using a XXXXX cipher to try seeing how the Tower parses it.

Whereas XXXXX was a different code for different players, e.g. tower line code, Blaise (Vigenere), …

After enough people sent in an encoded version of DECOMPILEDRAGONS we finally received

Thank you for your submission. I will follow up near the beginning of next week once we have started running them against the Tower.

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