Elliot Barker

General Information

Name: Elliot Barker

Pronouns: he/him

Aliases: EB, E

Affiliations: Explorers Bifurcus, PERSONAL, PLACEBOS

Email: None Currently Available

Status: Alive? (maybe not our Elliot)

Conversation Threads: TE-sync


Elliot is the founder of Explorers Bifurcus and has been dead/missing for several years at this point (before Feb 2021). He was/is very into urban exploration.

The Elliot that appeared on March 28th, and then interacted with Parley on March 31st may not be our Elliot


EB's Journal, recovered in the Boston Drop on November 15, 2020

May have appeared briefly in Parley on Mar 16, 2021 just before the players were notified of Tim Malor's death

E joined
E: Tim?
E left

On Mar 28, 2021, Parley had players vote for "Incoming Identifier", players voted for Elliot, which resulted in Arrival.

On Mar 31, 2021, player Scots tried to interact with terminal, to which a EBarker responded with "shutdown icarus eb".
He then posted:

Global Message:

P,O,A: Meet where the White Maple grows as it grows New.
R,L: Same place, same time.
S: W, the origin, now. E, we have nothing to talk about.
N: I have some forks for you.



Global Message:

Whoever else is poking around these systems, I'll sync with you once I've caught up with my family and associates.

Don't mess with the terminal.

I'm taking the Icarus device offline until I ascertain the state of the world.


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