Discord Simulation Prediction Machine

The solve for the Recruit Letters gave us the oportunity for a bonus hint. We selected the prediction machine:

You are in an octagonal room. There are 8 doors (one on each wall).
The northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast doors begin glowing faintly.
From the northwest door, you make out the sound of loud stomping. From the southeast door, you hear slithering. From the northeast door, you can hear what sounds like barking. From the southwest door, you hear nothing. The doors have no markings you can make out.
Predict what happens if SouthWest Door (the one without sound) is opened.

As the explorers open the southwest door, a massive cloud of poisonous gas begins billowing out, filling the room and beginning to slowly kill those inside the octagonal room. A few moments remain for the explorers to rid themselves of the poisonous mist.

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