Parley Finale (December 6)

Participants: Alex(A), Paula(P), Oakley(O), Seekers(S), ???(N), and numerous Players

Players are shown/posted in italics.

A joined.

P joined.

A: Hello.

P: Alex.

P: Just Oak we're waiting on?

A: Afaik, the rest don't tend to care about our politics and assented.
A: Though surprised Oak's running late…

P: Not everyone is excited for your perpetual meetings and process.
P: Though it is a bit surprising…

A: While we wait, how's life?

P: Uneventful.
P: At least until recently.
P: You?
P: Still doing your 'experiments'?

A: Always. :slight_smile:
A: Hmm, have you heard from Oak today, you keep in contact I hear?

P: Not in a couple hours..

A: Hmm, I'm getting a call. Give me a moment.

O joined.
O: Sorry I'm late, had to clean up.

P: Hey Oak, Alex is dealing with some Center BS.

A: Sorry about that, some incident, I'll deal with it after the meeting.
A: Hello Oak.

O: Hi…

A: And with those pleasantries, out of the way:
A: Abiding by P.E.R.S.O.N.A.L. requirements, I formally call this meeting to order in regards to a potential reorganization of member organizations.

O: Does anyone but you actually care about these distinctions…

P: Also its a stupid acronym.

A: You never know, N might get another head of operations with stronger adherence to protocol. Best to be safe.
A: Not my first choice, but they didn't all fit the two primary noun pattern, and anagrams are hard.
A: Anyway, we're here because I'm proposing a merging of PLACEBOS organizations.
A: As of last week, the Hunter has struck twice in the past months.
A: While S hasn't admitted to anything, models indicate the imminent arrival of the Eater.
A: In the years since we first formed and found the fragment, we still understand almost nothing about the Eater.
A: No offense intended, but Obscurum Space is almost entirely pieces, and the Protectors are in the wind.
A: Aeternus Center is the only remaining bastion of those early days and most capable of dealing with the issue.

O: What, did you have all that typed out ahead of time so we couldn't interrupt your monologue?
O: Anyway, at least we've been forming a plan, even if our resources are scarce. What has the Center done.

A: That puts even more credence in my proposition, become part of the Center, together we can find a way to deal with this. You can help with the planning, we can help with the resources.

O: You don't even have hard evidence things are moving into place, all signs point to the shatter remaining inactive.
O: A few deaths caused by a cult that was your creation…
O: Does not evidence make.
O: Which AE is even giving you these results.

P: Alex, I told you things would end up this way. I'm sorry for your losses, but we wouldn't be here if you had been more careful.

A: If I had been more careful, we'd never have formed our groups, we would have been lonely immortals watching the downfall of the human race.
A: Plus its clear that many members of the Seekers had known about the Ark and the Eater from even before they misused the data I shared.
A: We wouldn't even know there was a threat.
A: Its coming from the Hierophant, we've been analyzing past Seeker action along with what little we know about the Eater.

O: You and your naming everything after the Tarot.

A: They had theirs, we have ours.

P: Even if true, why should anything be but in your hands…

A: We have the resources.

O: How about you sign over control of a third of the Center to each of us. Though of course you won't do that… Too set in your high castle. Talking about lonely immortals.

A: Oak, be reasonable.
A: We need to work together, find the Ark, and make a weapon to stop the Eater.
A: We don't have time to fight and squabble.
A: I know you have Elliot's journal, I will find the Ark without your help, but with your help we can do it in time.

O: Even better, I have everything to find the Ark. Elliot and the Explorers left very detailed, if complicated, notes.
O: If you want to help, maybe we can accept some of your resources, but we're not going to get subsumed by AC.

A: So that's what the incident was about…

O: I may have forgotten to turn the cameras back on, but you were going to find out anyway.

P: Stop squabbling.
P: At this rate, we're never going to get anywhere.
P: We need an outside perspective.

[players received access to post in the channel at this time]

ORCA: alex why would you trust them? they already stole so much from the AC

A: To be fair, we've all done similar things these last 100 years.

InsaneScots: And why would he want to trust someone who turned the Hunter loose so they could join the Seekers? Who got one of your employees killed, which I warned you about btw

ORCA: you know very well that it was not my fault Scots

A: Little too late.

Amber: Would I like people to be able to combine resources and work together to stop the Eater? Yes. Do I think it's going to go as smoothly as Alex thinks? No.

A: Paula, why do you think X would be helpful here. They've already shown they can't keep their house in order.

AUZ505: instead of mistrusting each other - shouldn't we all concentrate on our common threat: the eater?

P: They're a fresh perspective, and have made much more impact on things than we have in a very long time.

Amber: Too many differing ideals. But that doesn't mean resources shouldn't be spread about and equally available to all. We could really make a difference.

InsaneScots: We have been doing a lot of good work for all of you over the past months

ORCA: do you really think a shield will be enough? wouldn't it be better to just destroy the Eater?

A: But we have the resources, people, assets and skills to organize things. Paula has, lost children. Oakley has a handful of scraps at most.

O: We have planning and ideas, preparations and actually doing something. Not trying to make a profit.

rysonbran: Each has their own to offer, whether you see it now or not.

O: Not who knows what ethical violations.

P: Oak, lets be calm.

Amber: Orca, you're assuming that Attacking the Eater will be enough. How do we know they didn't try that before? We need options. Limiting them isn't going to help

just_speculating: Alex’ work is being done by brand new recruits. His internal employees are stealing from him. It’s not all roses at the AC.

A: Exactly, I don't think hiding away and hoping the Eater passes us by is enough, that's why we need to develop something, a weapon to hit the heart of the problem.
A: Its not just about us, its about all of us.

ORCA: yeah Alex destroy it

Amber: A weapon isn't going to be enough either. You run out of ammunition eventually.

O: I mean, Alex has run out of mindless sheep, the newest batch of recruits has dug and found out what really lies beneath AC. Alex is loosing control.

InsaneScots: How about both? An offensively defensive strategy. A trap, deployed against the Eater which will Contain It

A: Sure, and we can develop that under Aeternus once we've joined together. How else are we going to gather the resources in one place?

ORCA: we are talking about something that we don't even know what it is.
ORCA: What is the Eater?

P: I'm not interested in a situation where you're in charge. Once the Eater is dealt with, who knows what trouble you yourself can cause.

O: How about Obscurum takes over? We're a more neutral party, and have the structure for it.

P: Less palatable, but that still seems unbalanced.

rysonbran: A merger under AC is never going to work, there's an imbalance of power. If you all have an equal piece it'll be easier to keep things under control.

InsaneScots: Well you kinda already gathered your resources under one group. :wave:
InsaneScots: Meet the culmination of all of your organizations, we are basically that already, we have worked with all of you. Each hold a part of your philosphies but not separate, together they have context against one another.
InsaneScots: Not to brag, but we are pretty much the best of all of you together

A: The Eater is an 'entity' capable of converting matter into a form of energy, some cults believe it turns matter into a form of consciousness, a form of enlightenment.
A: But at the cost of the matter it consumes.
A: So what do you propose?

O: It has merits, a separate organization underneath the rest. But how to staff it and resources…

just_speculating: ACs organization is great, if you want a pyramid with a single person at the top. We can’t have that.

Amber: i can't trust an organization with just one person in power. too much possibility for corruptability. good intentions or no

InsaneScots: think of it like you are right now, but with us as the central filter

P: So to keep things straight, there appear to be a number of items proposed AC subsumes the other organizations, OS subsumes the other organizations, AC/OS/PL split ownership, things remain as they stand, or this new proposed "other group" that deals with the problem separately from AC/OS?

InsaneScots: We can act as almost liaisons between you all, taking in all the ideas and using everyone's resources for the best course of action

S joined.

just_speculating: Clearly everyone here is best at managing their own resources. We just need more collaboration and sharing of information.

S: Don't mind me, just catching up.

InsaneScots: Though a combination of the last two options sounds nice

A: I'm not sure the Progenitors are equipped to be acting as liaisons…

AUZ505: we should share information and not hiding them

InsaneScots: Why not equip us then?

O: They've gotten a fair amount done, but I agree that them running around with our resources unchecked might be a little much.

P: Remember why we started X.

ORCA: in the end it's all about power, who's the most powerful among you guys?

A: Alex

O: Alex

P: Alex, unfortunately.

rysonbran: An imbalance of power.

Amber: Can I ask what Elliot would have wanted? Does Elliot still get a say in how things proceed?

just_speculating: Some would say the Eater is the most powerful. Let’s put the Eater in charge. /s

S: I agree with this statement.

just_speculating: (Sarcasm obviously)

P: How about this, we each select a director, who work together to setup a new combined taskforce, and have them work with the Progenitors to investigate the Eater?
P: That way they're not left unchecked, and all of us have equal oversight over the resources being spent.

O: Though we should provide resources commensurate with our organizations.

ORCA: you know very well that not all progenitors are trustworthy

P: Fine.
P: Yes, but that's why the directors are in place.

rysonbran: Yes, Orca, some are not.

P: I'm not sure what Elliot would want in this situation. Unfortunately E's not here to tell us.

A: This is maybe acceptable. Though it will take some time to reorganize and setup the resources we'd need for this new taskforce.
A: Oak, can you reach out to EB and see if any of them want to be represented in this taskforce, even if Elliot isn't around to make a decision.

ORCA: alex you really are going to let some children take care of something so important?

Amber: I mean, EB's journal might have Elliot's opinion

S: How about you put a seeker in charge, as a guiding voice. >:)

A: Does it now?

Amber: I'm thinking it might. I mean, isn't that what journals are for

A: Unfortunately we don't have an authenticated copy of Elliot's journal, so we're left to guess.

ORCA: I'm hungry, what do I ask to eat?

P: Oak and Alex, are you okay with this taskforce idea?

A: Begrudgingly, though I prefer the other options.

O: Yes.

Amber: Look, EB's journal says that Alex can't be trusted. That Oakley can make a defense, and Alex can make a weapon.

A: And how would you know?

Amber: That there will be eternal safety or a final deadly struggle.

P: Elliot always had strong and confused opinions, I don't know what Elliot's decision would be here and now.

Amber: I just thought Elliot should have a say, even if he's not here right now. Or here any more

P: Unfortunately we can't assume what Elliot would vote for. But good to know, I'd be interested in hearing more about the journal in the future.

A: We're going in circles and tangents.

ORCA: just let the eater do what it should do, no one will feel anything

InsaneScots: Perhaps it can be made available as part of the sharing of info within this taskforce.

Amber: The taskforce idea Paula offered sounds like the best plan with the current situation

rysonbran: The taskforce does sound ideal, considering.

AUZ505: Yes, the X has information we can share, as long as you share information

just_speculating: Separate task forces. Sharing intel. Building weapons and shields. And ignoring what the Seekers say.

InsaneScots: Primarily ignoring what the Seekers say, very definitely

ORCA: that hurts you know?

rysonbran: Good.

P: I know I have my opinion on what to do next, and I'm sure you all do as well, but given one of the options involves the Progenitors, lets put it to a vote amongst them. I propose we take a break until 10:55 PM EST for the Progenitors to discuss and vote to inform us, and then we will put in our official votes and see where we move on from there. I'm going to go get a snack in the meantime.
:a: - AC subsumes the other organizations
:b: - OS subsumes the other organizations
:c: - AC/OS/PL split ownership
:d: - Things remain as they stand.
:e: - A taskforce is formed with resources from the three and involving the Progenitors. (6 votes)
:f: - Let the Seekers take over. (1 vote)

ORCA: Alex the final decision is yours, they can't do anything without you :wink:

P: So we have one vote for forming a taskforce.
P: Alex, Oak?

A: How about you first.

P: Forming a taskforce is acceptable.

O: Agreed, though I still don't trust that Alex won't try something.

A: I think there are more efficient strategies, but I suppose its better than doing nothing.

ORCA: well that was easy, I'm disappointed Alex

A: It will take a while to get this whole thing spun up. But hopefully it will happen before the Eater arrives.
A: I move to form a taskforce (to be named) with resources provided by the PLACEBOS organizations, directors from each organization and involvement from the Progenitors initiative.

O: Seconded.

P: Thirded.

S: I'd like it in the record I vote against.

A: Noted…
A: Motion carries.
A: Thank you for meeting. I guess time to let Tim know he can shutdown operations.
A: See you all in a few months. Hopefully without needing such a clunky interface.
A left.

InsaneScots: Alex, may I ask if Cole was the one the Hunter..

Amber: The Seekers are here, maybe they could tell

S: :slight_smile:
S left.

Amber: That… went well. Could have been much better but also could have been horrendously worse

O: Indeed.

InsaneScots: I hope we did ok…

just_speculating: Will the progenitors be needed again soon? Or do we sit right during the reorg?

O: I think that went well. Though I suspect it will be a while before this new taskforce is spun up. Its also going to take a while to process other recently acquired information. :wink: But maybe there will be some small things here and there over the next few months until things begin picking up steam again.

Amber: Sounds good, Oakley.

O: Thank you for all the help with "that thing", I think there's a lot to do now.

just_speculating: I feel bad Cole never got to tell us about project MU

O: If you don't hear from me until after, have a good winter.

InsaneScots: also kinda feels nice to have put alex in his place a little
InsaneScots: And yes, I feel bad about what happened to Cole. And to Verum…

O: Best.

Amber: Stay warm, Oakley. And be safe.

O: Don't get frostbite.
O left.

P: Well, lets hope this time ends better than the last one. Really need to talk with L…
P: See you elsewhere and elsewhen.

InsaneScots: aye aye digital ghost o7

P: Oh @N.

N joined.
N: Yes?

P: Anyone solve that signal yet?

N: No, one person pointed out some useful tools, no one has been able to help decode it. I'll let you know if anyone else redds it and is able to make heads or tails of it.

P: Okay.

N left.

P: Well, good luck and see you in another time.

P left.

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