First Chat (December 2)


A joined.

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A: The Hunter is back and has been active twice in the last month. 94% of sims say this likely indicates the arrival of the Eater is imminent.
O: Is this where I tell you I told you so?
A: This isn't the time for that Oak. We've made close to no progress since Elliot…
A: I know that you've been sending spies and intercepting transmissions, do you have anything to go on?
O: Hold on, do you know if anyone else is showing up?
O: !status

Present: A, O
Active: P, N, S, L
Inactive: E, R

O: N is still around?
A: They're still off listening to space.
A: Good point though. Maybe we should continue that conversation later, at least until we figure out if someone from S is showing up.
O: Do you have anything more concrete to go on? My research hasn't shown much of an increase in S's activities. Though after you gutted Obscurum, my resources are a bit thin.
A: 94%… That's high, I know you never believed in the project, but you have to admit the sims worked out for the most part.
O: Except with E.
O: Anyway, is there anything actionable you called this for?
A: Your resources are clearly spread thin, but given the strings you've managed to pull and how much dissent you've sown within Progenitors, maybe we should talk about bringing the gang back together.
O: You realize this is half the reason PAEO split. This is also not the right avenue for these discussions.
A: It was the only way to maybe get in contact with P.
O: Which seems to have failed.
A: You don't have a chance in hell of dealing with the Eater alone, I have the resources you need. Help me find the Tower.
O: What, so you can 'deal' with the current issue and then profit off of it and put how many lives in danger again?

N joined.

N: Its been a while.
O: Surprised you're still around…
N: We're always around, keeping an eye. Though recently our focus has been elsewhere.
A: You could just have accepted the merger, you'd have so many more resources…
N: No, thank you.

S joined.

S: Good morning.
O: Who's playing the part today? The infamous Hunter or another member?
S: The Hunter is enjoying a nice relaxing day after a couple hectic days. :wink:
A: …
A: N, you really don't think the Seekers are worth looking in to, you've seen the files…
N: You deal with them and we monitor your little posse, that's the deal. We and R can't be in charge of everything.
O: I still don't understand why the Seekers were allowed to remain.
A: Better the enemy we can see, than the one that is completely invisible.
A: S, will you share whether you had anything to do with the theft a couple months ago?
S: That would be telling, though I hear you've been putting your 'best minds' to work on that case. Maybe if you stopped focusing on minor inventions, you could get your house in order.
N: Its past 3 AM here, is there anything you actually called this parley for?
A: Please refer to document 315342. We believe the Seekers are likely to be pursuing that course of action. As a result of the current state of our various organizations, we would like to discuss with other PLACEBOS organizations a possibility of a merger, and seek approval to maintain existing operating procedures for the joint organization if such a merger were to happen.
S: … Its been written in the sky for eons. We're just doing what is best.
O: Very, very debatable.
N: I don't care, you have approval, go have your internal power struggles however you want. I don't get paid enough for this.
O: E's unavailable, and P hasn't shown up. You'd better have a damn good reason that we'd merge… But that's a conversation for another time.
A: S, is that a yes, or a no…
S: There's nothing you can do to avoid humanity's true purpose and enlightenment, do what you wish.
A: That's some semblance of quorum, I'll get an AE to review the transcript. O, I'll send you an email in the next few days.
A: S, go take a spa day in a volcano or something.
A: N, have fun with your stargazing.
A: Thanks all.

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S: >:)

S left.

P joined.

O: You know this is a bad idea.
O: You're almost out of lives.
P: I know, but this will be the fulcrum, the path will change depending on what ends up happening. You should prepare the Progenitors to help guide the path.
O: I'm not sure how reliable they'll be, they need some basic counter-intelligence training, though at least a few have been helpful in tracing Elliot's path.
O: There's one whose gumption and sense of exploration reminds me of Elliot.
O: Anyway, I'll forward you what Alex sends and we'll see what the next move is.
P: Thanks. Also, if you hear from L, send them my way.
O: Will do, stay safe.

O left.

P: Shhhhhhh. :wink:

P left.

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L: Hmm…

R joined.

R: This part gives me a headache.
L: Hello.
R: Yeah, it was a bad idea.
L: That's what you get for drinking unknown compounds.
R: When you can get a handle of them.
L: But the powers are cool at least.
R: How about, one vial of weird unknown liquid?
L: Want to bet anything this time?
R: They're fun issues. :slight_smile:
L: … how about something that doesn't cause 'issues'?
R: It can be useful sometimes, and its helpful to know when things are dooooommmmeeed.
L: Yes, because being out of sync is fun…
R: What's science without a few side effects, its fine and I'd rather know when to vamoosh and move on.
L: You realize that they could probably fix it for you.
R: That's less fun, though I do love their aperitifs. You're on.
L: How about, if they avert catastrophe, I'll buy you dinner at the Ritz, and if they do, you buy.
R: I suppose, but last time they at least actually had the opportunity to meet with each other.
L: They maybe have a good chance, they have twice as many active Progenitors as the previous time.
R: Regardless, I'm looking forward to that dinner.
L: The internet seems to be a functional alternative for the most part and has increased the ability for distant ones to be involved.
R: Wait, one last question, do you think I should talk with Alexander?
L: Anyway, goodnight.
R: Hey, it wasn't that bad and the food and entertainment wasn't the worst.
L: Do you want to get tossed in a cell and probed again…
R: Good night.
L: …

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