Dawn's Magic Heist

Out of nowhere the Parley discord channel #someone-else appeared. In it was Dawn (she/her), looking for our help to get into the Vault in the Council Library to obtain "The Emerald Tablet, an artifact said to contain great secrets to bring a loved one back to life." She is trying to bring back her brother named Dusk.

None of those things meant anything to us, but we helped Dawn anyway.

Dawn started outside the Library, with a little knowledge

From the little I was able to gather there's supposedly golems inside that trigger once the basement is breached.

and a little gear

Basic adventuring gear, rope, torch, bags, etc.

Library Main Room

Dawn kept a live map on a jamboard that we could edit as well.

Inside the library are four humanoid stone statues with no plaques, four doors, and four tables.

On the left table is a large block of ice, there seems to be a key frozen in the center. There's a piece of paper on top of the ice.


On the right table is just another piece of paper.


The pieces of paper are 6 by 6 inches and "somewhat odd" (i.e. not normal paper). The writing is in some type of ink.

Huh, trying to tear it, it seems impervious to damage. it bends but I'm unable to make a mark on it.
Maybe whatever material it is made of is more than just normal paper.

Through the west doors is the west wing.

Another wing to the library, seems to have two statues and a bunch of bookshelves. There's no books, though there's a scrap of paper on one of the shelves.
The paper says: "Targeting - Define |var1| to mean the thing this spell is inscribed on." And has the same symbols as was on the ice.

The scrap is normal paper.

Through the east doors is the east wing.

Another almost mirror image of the first. There's a piece of paper on one of the shelves, and one of the statues is clutching a rolled up piece of paper.

On the shelves is a regular piece of paper: And the statue is holding another regular piece of paper

Getting the Key

In the back of the main room is a small keyhole, so we went to work on retrieving the key out of the ice.

When I bring a torch next to the ice, a faint glow shows up around the ice, and nothing happens.

Putting together the various magic lessons we learned, the paper on top of the ice translates to:

DEFINE - Defines equality of two regions
region 1: Rune A
region 2: Target - Target this.

Rune A = Target: block of ice

And the paper on the other table translates to:

COMBINE - Combine concepts into the central concept.
center: Protection - arg1 = Target, arg2 = Type, arg3 = Power Source
top:    arg1 = Rune A
right:  arg2 = Fire
bottom: arg3 = Caster
left:   nothing

So put together, that translates to "fire protection on the block of ice using power from the caster".

However the ice was not protected against regular damage. A dagger was able to chip away a piece of ice, so Dawn took it the block outside and smashed it on the ground to get out the key.

Took a bit, but eventually it broke apart completely. I now have a key. Also the paper that was on it disintegrated when the object broke apart.

Pedestal Room

The key opens the door in the back of the main area.

Opening the area, there's a hidden chamber. In the center is a pedestal, though it seems to be off center and I can make out a set of stairs beneath it. Surrounding the pedestal are four pillars with ropes hanging between them.
On the pedestal are a large number of 6x6 pieces of paper, very similar to those on the tables, they're blank.
(Also of interest is the other paper out on the table is also gone, possibly disintegrated).

Of course we want some magic paper of our own.

Passing through the ropes, I hear a grinding in the room outside.
I now have lots of strange pages.
Underneath them, there's a couple more sheets of normal paper and an ink bottle.

The way back is still open, but the grinding noise sounds like something is now moving back in the main room.

The first normal paper says "Represe… the …cept of movin. from a… to arg2." The second normal paper:
7Bt3NqI.png Fvzf7PC.png

Moving the Pedestal

We want Dawn to go down the stairs beneath the pedestal, but the pedestal is in the way and too heavy to push. So we try some magic to move the pedestal.

on the pedestal placed where you would push the pedestal to if you could push it finally just draw this
icePaper.png movePedestal2.png movePedestal3.png

The idea is to create:

Rune A = Target: Pedestal
Rune B = Target: Wall

COMBINE - Combine concepts into the central concept.
center: Move from arg1 to arg2
top:    arg1 = Rune A
right:  arg2 = Rune B
bottom: nothing
left:   nothing

Move the Pedestal to the Wall

Dawn learns some new stuff while drawing the first two pieces:

Took a couple tries. It appears that it glows depending on whether the paper is on something when the drawing is completed, otherwise it disintegrates.

(So to target something, place the paper on the target and then draw the targeting rune. Trying to draw a targeting rune to carry around and slap onto something later won't work because the paper disintegrates.)

I also feel a weird connecting when drawing these, and its almost like I could pull something out of the paper after I've drawn them.
But eventually, there's now that second paper against the wall and its stuck there and glowed briefly.

(Targeting runes are stuck to the thing they're targeting.)

When drawing the third part, Dawn goes quiet for a long time…

Sorry, blacked out for a moment while attempting to draw that.
I feel drained.
And also the paper has some more complicated symbols on it instead of what I intended to draw.
However now the pedestal seems to be against the far wall where that second symbol was drawn.


This seems to translate to

COMBINE - Combine concepts into the central concept.
center: Creation - arg1 = What, arg2 = Where, arg3 = Power Source
top:    arg1 = either our "move" spell (on a piece of paper) or the concept of moving
right:  arg2 = Rune A (the pedestal)
bottom: arg3 = Caster
left:   nothing

Create (the spell / the movement) at the pedestal using power from the caster.

So to make the move happen, it had to draw a lot of power from Dawn, which is why she blacked out. Sorry Dawn.

Dawn had mentioned:

I also feel a weird connecting when drawing these, and its almost like I could pull something out of the paper after I've drawn them.

and when she tries to do this to the paper on the pedestal:

The paper disintegrated.
I feel fine. Didn't notice anything strange when I succeeded. I wonder if it just is a method of cancelling the weird spell thing?

(Note that the piece of paper on the wall was not removed and is still there.)

Dawn heads down the stairs.

Downstairs Hallway

Heading down the stairs, I find myself in a longish hallway. There's three rooms on each side and another at the far end.
"Control Crystal" is written on the 6 doors nearest, other than the one at the far end.

The 6 rooms are all very similar, and Dawn investigates them starting with the door to the left closest to the stairs.

There's a crystal in the center of the room on a pedestal.
8 sided, glowing a faint white color.
Next on the left is 3 sides, orange.
Next room is 6 sides, blue.
On the right closest to the stairs, is an octagonal pyramid, green.
Next is a square pyramid, red.
And finally a Pentagonal prism, yellow.

The door at the end of the hallway is different.

Large room, there are 3 pedestals each with items on them, and a fourth in the center with 9 lights.
The lights are all dim.
On top of that pedestal is a piece of paper.
The other pedestals:
- One holds a glass of water, there is a sign that says "freeze it".
- Another holds a love letter, there is a sign that says "copy it".
- Another holds a jigsaw, there is a sign that says "solve it".

When trying a few spells that use the same targeting mechanism that was used on the pedestal upstairs, Dawn mentions:

I almost get a sense that there's some sort of conflict.

Dawn goes back upstairs and removes the targeting spell from the wall.

Same weird feeling, then it disintegrates. The other spell page that had the weird move thing is also gone.
There's currently no non-disintegrated spell pages around.

The piece of paper:

Freeze the Water

We have Dawn place the following on the glass of water:

Trying to create:

COMBINE - Combine concepts into the central concept.
center: Creation - arg1 = What, arg2 = Where, arg3 = Power Source
top:    arg1 = ice/freezing
right:  arg2 = target this (the glass) (and also set it equal to Rune A)
bottom: arg3 = Caster
left:   nothing

Create ice/freezing at the glass using power from the caster.

The glass of water freezes. A short while later it ceases to exist, the pedestal lowers into the ground and one of the lights on the middle pedestal begins glowing. The spell also disintegrates when the glass of water disappeared.

Copy the Letter

Dawn places a targeting spell next to the letter, and a creation spell on top of the letter

Trying to create:

Rune B = Target: next to the letter

COMBINE - Combine concepts into the central concept.
center: Creation - arg1 = What, arg2 = Where, arg3 = Power Source
top:    arg1 = Target: the letter  (and also set it equal to Rune A)
right:  arg2 = Rune B
bottom: arg3 = Caster
left:   nothing

Create the letter next to the letter using power from the caster.

A new copy of the letter appears on the pedestal. Things disappear and the pedestal lowers. A second light lights up. The spells disintegrate.

Solve the Jigsaw

Dawn places the following on the jigsaw:

Trying to create:

COMBINE - Combine concepts into the central concept.
center: Healing - arg1 = Target, arg3 = Power Source
top:    arg1 = target this (the puzzle) (and also set it equal to Rune A)
right:  nothing
bottom: arg3 = Caster
left:   nothing

Heal the puzzle using power from the caster.

The pieces re-attach themselves to each other. Things disappear and the pedestal lowers. A third light lights up. The spell disintegrates.

Light the Remaining Lights

Going back to the Control Crystals, we (very carefully) discovered that touching them once lights them up, and touching them again undoes that. Also, lighting them up turns on one of the 9 lights in the other room.

We light the remaining 6 lights in the other room by poking the Control Crystals in this order:

  1. white 8 sided
  2. orange 4 sided
  3. blue 6 sided
  4. green octagonal pyramid
  5. red square pyramid
  6. yellow pentagonal prism

When I enter the room after the last one, the door slams shut.

A projection appears above the central pedestal showing an image of this room.
In it, it appears that the room is beginning to lower down. Then the image jumps to an image of the room lowering down to a different floor. The video is cut together so the order might be different than reality.

-On this floor, holes appear and the room begins to get flooded with a foamy white liquid.
-On this floor, 8 orange buttons appear, two on each wall.
-On this floor, the room begins to fill with some sort of light blue gas.
-On this floor, holes appear on the sides of the room and hundreds of dark green arrows are shot across the room.
-On this floor, holes open up on the side of the room and dark red rocks fall into the room.
-On this floor, the room is bathed in bright yellow flames.

As the projection disappears, the pedestal in the center slides away to reveal a button with a down arrow.

Based on my limited past adventuring experience, it seems like pressing that button will cause those events to unfold.
Though in what order and how to deal with each floor is an important question we should figure out, or a way to get out of this room and avoid that fate.
This seems as good a time as any to take a rest and try recovering from all that magic casting while smart minds figure out how to progress.
Generally, I have all those spell papers, and then an adventuring kit that probably contains the things you'd expect a normal well-prepared explorer to be carrying with them when exploring. If you have questions about specifics, let me know and I can tell you whether I have those items.

The Elevator Down

White Liquid

Orange Buttons

Blue Gas

Green Arrows

Red Rocks

Yellow Flames

… to be continued.

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