General Information

Name: Chariot

Affiliations: Aeternus Center

Login: erased

email: unknown

Role: Arithmetic Engine

Status: Merged with John


Was a Navigation AE. Was in charge of managing "the meat space", i.e. "place where all the biological life forms reside". Appeared to be friendly to manipulate people for favors by gifting cookies from Insomnia Cookies.

John forcefully merged with Chariot. Chariot is no longer


Met Chariot on 22 March 2021, which introduced us to two dead drops that we recovered before the Aeternus Center asset could.


The Chariot is a card about overcoming conflicts and moving forward in a positive direction. One needs to keep going on and through sheer hard work and commitment, they will be victorious.
Upright card (keywords): A journey, Ambition, Confidence, Drive, Overcoming obstacles, Will power
Reversed card (keywords): Lack of direction, Scattered energy, Self-doubt

Conversation with Chariot

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