Cal Devali

General Information

Name: Cal Tiberius Devali

Pronouns: Unknown

Aliases: Cal, the Vacillated

Affiliations: Aeternus Center, The Seekers of True Enlightenment, The Eternals

Email: retnec.sunretea|lac#retnec.sunretea|lac

Status: Alive


Was part of Project Morphic for Aeternus, was also a member of the Seekers of True Enlightenment.

Spire warned players: "CAL HELP dont trust cal" before being eradicated

Is back in contact with Players, now claiming to be part of a subsect of the Seekers known as "The Eternals".


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February 10, 2020, orca received an email from Cal

Some Cool Information Seen Clearly Online
(do not reply)

You might some things of interest by investigating anomalies RCKM102020 and WMTN032017.


March 28, 2021, conversation with Cal in Lunar Aeternus Center

April 6, 2021, conversation with Cal in LAC
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