Boston Drop

The Boston Asset

We received a mail from Oakley asking us for a player in the Boston Area for some live event:

Hello friends,

Speaking with Paula, it appears that there might be a Morphic event sometime in the next few weeks. Do you know any assets that can be deployed in the Boston Metropolitan Area?


Since none of us lives near Boston we searched on other channels and finally found a Boston Asset, Starling

The Tower

Starling got coordinates leading to a spot in the Torbert Macdonald Park, Mystic River Reservation, Boston. At the giving location, a tower was an outstanding landmark.
Starling found an envelope (having Oakley's symbol on it

D-location.jpg TowerDrop.jpg

The envelope contained:

  • a key
  • a coin (as always)
  • 8 cards (see Cards Puzzle)
  • a letter

Transmission interception

Starling got an update from Oakley Smith:

For the actual manifestation, we've intercepted the following transmissions:

U1: Did you print out a copy of the map Cal deciphered?
U2: No, what was the record ID again?
U1: SPT111420-0.
U2: Give me a minute.
U1: Cal wants data from each of the locations.
U2: Did we also need the key?
U1: No, I already have a copy of that printed out

This led to a new record ID

Spatiotemporal 111420-0

Record ID: SPT111420-0

Last Update: Nov. 14, 2020, noon

Filed by: ???


which fits the location Starling was sent to


After a hint from Oakley we found the second record ID:

Spatiotemporal 111420-1

Record ID: SPT111420-1

Last Update: Nov. 14, 2020, noon

Filed by: cal


The park locations

D Location (The Tower)

The Tower was at location 'D'.

A Location (Stone #1)

Starling found this rock at location 'A', which looks like the shape in the second Record ID message.

Torbert H Macdonald Park

B Location (Stone #2)

Starling found a second rock at location 'B', which might look like the 2nd shape in the second Record ID message.
Text (same as A)

Torbert H Macdonald Park

C location (map)

Starling found a map at location 'C', with the important part shown right

Taking the hint from the 2nd Record ID this resolves to:

α = Arlington
β = Everett
γ = Medford
δ = Winchester

E location (The Pier)

Deciphering the code on the second record ID by replacing the numbers with letters from A, B, C:

B18 = P
Cα4 = I
Cβ1 = E
A3 = R

B4 = B
A5 = E
Cα9 = N
Cδ4 = C
Cδ5 = H

led to a PIER BENCH where Starling found The Park Box

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