Occurred March 28, 2021

Participants: Interface, players

InsaneScots: Hello?
rysonbran: Hi?

Interface: If you're receiving this, Arrival has activated.
Interface: Spatiotemporal Link has been established.
Interface: Arrival Pod activated.
Interface: Location: Giza Ruins
Interface: Detecting Link Identifier.
Interface: Warning: Spatiotemporal Interference.
Interface: Attempting to correct.
Interface: Comparing Identifiers:
- Paula Lewis
- Alexander Clark
- Elliot Barker
- Oakley Smith
Analyzing Incoming Identifier for match.
Interface: Analysis complete at 8:00 PM EDT
Analysis complete.
Confirmed PLACEBOS Founder.
Interface: In a dusty and sandy room, a sarcophagus opens up. A figure in a futuristic looking spacesuit pulls themselves out and looks around.
In their hands, they are tightly clutching a black journal of some sort.
They breathe a sigh of relief.

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