Aqua Fortis

Part of Project Elliot's Fun Time Adventures - EB after the Philadelphia Document has been solved


Besides the map document Tim also posted this:

The cache itself only contained the map and those strips of paper. However there are other blank pages in the black box that do appear to have the same shape as the map.
They're probably related in some way, but we're not sure how to make anything useful appear on them, maybe adding more Ichor, but at the moment we don't have a way to get more.

and we answered:


get the phrase "Aqua Fortis" which after a quick google seems to be nitric acid. We think this may reveal stuff on those blank pages you said have a similar shape, but being a potent acid we are a little scared it could damage them if we are wrong so we suggest caution and perhaps a lil test drop

and got this reply:

Well done.

So we can probably get standard nitric acid from a supplier in the next couple days. However looking at records, one of the ruin sites Aeternus has previously investigated had a compound that seems to almost chemically identical to Nitric Acid that has been referred to as Aqua Fortis in previous discussions. Getting access to that might take about a week, but it also seems chemically identical to Nitric Acid, so it seems either should work?

Opinions on which we should pursue?

we selected the option using the "original" Aqua Fortis form the ruins.

Status: Waiting

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