• anomaly /əˈnɒməli/ [countable, uncountable] ​anomaly (in something) a thing, situation, etc. that is different from what is normal or expected1

Related to Spatiotemporal events and morphic events.

Record Locators

RCKM102020 - Rocky Mountain Anomaly

  • Detected in October 2020, similar signal to other Ark ruins

WMTN032017 - White Mountains Anomaly

  • Detected in March 2017, believed to be related to the Seekers


Spatiotemporal IDs


Record ID: SPT111420-0

Record ID: SPT111420-1



  • 03/19/2021: Not every weird strange anomaly is necessarily going to have an immediate resolution, there are a ton of strange unsolved anomalies in the Center's records.

Taskforce Earth

  • Tim Malor 03/19/2021: Ah, if you're using "PAEO GPS" numbers, those need some translation to the DoD/Standard GPS coordinates. They're somewhat obfuscated to prevent anyone stumbling across PLACEBOS documents and trying to investigate anomalies themselves. They don't want to be responsible for less experienced individuals falling down mine shafts or getting frostbite.
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