Aeternus Center


Name : Aeternus Center

Alias(es) : AC, Aeternus

Who founded : Alexander Clark

Affiliation(s) : PLACEBOS

Status : unknown

website(s) :


Aeternus Center was originally founded in October 1990, when a long night of research in preparation for finals resulted in the discovery of a strange compound with wondrous properties. That first discovery would turn out to be a fluke, but the work that Alexander and friends performed that month would form the foundation of what makes Aeternus Center.

Since its founding, the Center’s mission has been one of discovery and experimentation, trying to find ways to push the bounds of science and human achievement in order to reach the unattainable. While only Alexander remains of those first members, the founding principles live on in the Center. Our divisions are named in honor of those founding members and their principal ideals.

While much of the work Aeternus does ties back to its roots, in this modern day we’ve been focused on discoveries in a far wider variety of fields, such as chemistry, machine intelligence, health, communication and more. But as our members grow and find new interests, we provide the resources necessary to push whatever bounds of science they are pursuing.

In the coming months, we hope to share more widely some of the discoveries and technology, the fruits of our labor with the scientific community and beyond. There are many exciting projects reaching fruition that we hope will revolutionize the future of humanity.

Strange compound (possibly Ichor)

From Alex:

Our public website makes more of the discovery than it actually is. We discovered a unique unstable solution made from a mixture nitric and hydrochloric acid and certain metals that resulted in a gas that both seemed to purify material exposed to it (removing rust, purifying metals) and even affected organic material, halting telomere shortening and accelerating cell regeneration. Unfortunately we were unable to reproduce more of the solution since the first experiments and our attempts to produce more have used up the remainder of that initial batch.


summary of types of puzzles received



  • The Tower - A simulation
  • Progenitor - "Operation involving data gathering and manipulation of individuals using simulated environments" but also used as a term to describe the players
  • Morphic Experiments - spatiotemporal experiments including time travel
  • AE - Arithmetic Engine - a type of Artificial Intelligence
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