Ac Tweets

On 27th February - the day of the Snow Moon (February Full Moon) - we received several strange tweets from the Aeternus Center account

First Tweet

As Snow rises, the countdown begins.

Time: 27.Feb 3:17: Time of Full Moon

Second Tweet

Once upon a time, the Emperor fell and went away. The Snow bound orb drew the watcher's gaze. From the pieces left, the guards did stray. The Vacillated frees. The Door left open, the mind unleashed. Success, Danger, left untouched.

Time: 27.Feb 12:25

Third Tweet

Of the many creatures in the kingdom, one revealed those worthy of hearing.

Time: 27.Feb 14:24

More Tweets follow on 28th February

Fourth Tweet

Are you prepared for what is to come?

Time: 28.Feb 12:25

Fifth Tweet

Awaiting the one who sees the creature who reveals

Time: 28.Feb 14:24


We finally got a major hint in another tweet

The hint Tweet

Did one see the creature?

14:15 = NO
I shall seek elsewhere.

The Creature

14:15 = NO gave us the needed nudge that the posted time of the tweets two an three (or four and five) can be translated using A1Z26 code:

12:25 = LY
14:24 = NX

leading to


The John Tweet

sent via the Aeternus Center account but sender was somebody named John

I take my bow and walk out free.

The Vacillated, you know where to look to find me.

We soon received this form AC as a tweet

Please ignore recent messages you may have received from this account. An Experimental system got out of hand. The issue has been fixed.

We also received this email from Tim Malor


which hints that this is John from a former ARG "The Door"

later we also figured out that "Vacillated" is an anagram for

Cal T Devali

see Cal Devali

Interpretation of the story

a lot of speculation but we do not know….

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