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There are many different puzzle trails (see top menu). Since we assume Taskforce Earth is a major one the actual status is always displayed here, whereas for other puzzle trails just those we are still working on are listed. For more info, what is going on see timeline

Taskforce Earth

Current project

Available projects

  • A) White Mountains Anomaly - Anomaly detected in March 2017, believed to be related to the Seekers (record discovered by ORCA)
  • B) Rocky Mountain Anomaly - Anomaly detected in October 2020, similar signal to other Ark ruins (record discovered by ORCA)
  • C) Track down other Bifurcus Devices - Try tracking down references/documents to other Bifurcus devices that might help accessing the Black Box.
  • D) Elliot's Fun Time Adventures: PL - Path set by Elliot (requires 1 Ichor)
  • E) Elliot's Fun Time Adventures: AC - Path set by Elliot (requires 1 Ichor)
  • F) Elliot's Fun Time Adventures: OS - Path set by Elliot (requires 1 Ichor)
  • *) Other (contact control@ with additional potential projects)

Completed projects


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